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China Glaze - Loves & Hates

>> July 31, 2010

I love China Glaze polishes. It's one of my favourite brands :) The application, for most of the polishes I've tried (give or take a couple) is very smooth and even, and doesn't bubble for the most part. Except for this one yellow I bought, which was absolutely horrible! I purchased this yellow because the colour was gorgeous & looked like sunshine :), and I wanted to try out the formula.

As you all know, it's very hard to find a good yellow nail polish with a good formula. The program I am in deals mainly with the printing industry, and I work with a lot of pigments, with yellow being the hardest pigment to work with.

Anyways, the yellow I purchased was Happy Go Lucky. I love the colour, but it bubbled so much. :( I'm actually really disappointed lol

This shows you how badly it bubbled, considering this was the finger that had the least bubbling hahaha D:

So overall, this polish sucked, and made me sad. I'm still on the search to find a nice yellow formula!
Does anybody know of any nice yellows that have a good forumla??

This colour is one of my favourite polishes ever. It's called Peachy Keen.

It's the perfect balance between a pink & yellow peach colour, unlike other peach polishes that tend to lean towards one or the other. There's not too much pink or yellow, and it's perfect for spring & summer! The application was amazing too, and it didn't bubble at all (unlike Happy Go Lucky)

I'm sorry for the poor quality photos, I couldn't find my memory card for my DSLR the week I photographed these.

More CG & other swatches coming soon!:)


Melinda August 12, 2010 at 2:41:00 AM EDT  

I hate when after I apply the polish and I see bubbles everywhere!

I don't know the reason: maybe too many coats???

hiitscaila August 15, 2010 at 2:52:00 PM EDT  

Hmm I don't know, that could be one reason! I think it's mainly the formula though, or the colour pigments themselves. It's a terrible mystery! :d

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